Sunday, September 23, 2007


We have changed our name to BARC - Brown Animal Rights Club! This name gives us a clear purpose and pronunciation. Hopefully this will lead to less confusion.

Here are the notes from the last meeting, courtesy of Tisa:

We decided to do the KFC demo from 4:30 to 5:30pm on October 3rd. (not sure which kfc yet.)

We need to come up with 100 names by September 30th for the veg pledge. We'll each be responsible for (at least) 10 -15.
PLEASE download the sign-up sheet here:
Download it quickly because it will expire 9/30!

We considered Chicken Run, Babe, Finding Nemo and Charlotte's Web for veg movie night. We're waiting to hear back from BEAN. If we don't hear back from them by our next meeting, we'll proceed without them.

We'll bring KFC protest fliers to the next meeting for everyone to distribute in their dorms and around campus.

We will vote on a movie next week.

Please visit . It's a social networking site specifically for animal rights.

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