Saturday, October 6, 2007

Veg Out!

We are currently writing the application for Late Night Funding for our event, "Veg Out!" At our last meeting, we discussed the details of the event, such as budget and logistics. Here is our vague outline for the event:
Date: Nov 9th or 10th
Time: 8:30PM-1:00AM
Location: Arnold Lounge or Metcalf 129 (
Food: Hopefully Garden Grille Cafe ( Unfortunately, there is a Brown First policy which states that we can only use an outside service is Brown Dining services is unable to fulfill our needs. So I have to negotiate with them now.
Movies: Finding Nemo and The Protector (It is a Thai martial arts film about a guy who has to protect elephants. Watch the trailer here)
Plan: First eating/socializing, then Finding Nemo, then a short break for discussion/socializing, then The Protector.
We still need to finalize the date, the room, the food, and facilities management, so that we can rent tables.
We will reschedule the KFC protest once we receive the literature from peta.